Repair Any Fishing Rod Handle

Are a bunch of your once favorite fishing rods now just laying around because the handles have broken down over years of use? Want to make a nice side business repairing rods? Then check out our new Handle Repair category! We have everything you will need to repair any cork and EVA handles and make them look new again.

From cork filler to shrink tubing, we have it all!

17 Products

17 Products

ProPaste Fast-Set Paste Epoxy

The Superior properties of ProPaste with a faster curing time. Great for strong bonds and quick repairs.
$8.95 to $29.95

Cork Tape (Per Foot)

1" Wide | 1/16" Thick | Adhesive Backed

Pro Products 4-Rod Supply Kit

Pro Products Supply Kits give you everything you need to start gluing handles and applying epoxy to guide wraps!
$22.99 $29.29

ProKöte Rod Building Thread Finish, Preloaded Syringe Kit

Starter kit with 24ml of ProK_te medium build thread finish, 4 mixing cups, 4 mixing sticks and 4 brushes.
$13.95 $16.35

Pro Products Single Rod Epoxy Finish & Glue Kit

Enough supplies for one rod up to 7' | Includes ProGlue and ProKote
$9.99 $11.87

Colored Heat Shrink Grip Material

40" Section Length | 5 Colors | 2:1 Shrink Ratio
$8.79 to $15.39

Black Textured Surf Grip Tape (50-ft Roll)

Self adhesive grip tape for Surf, Jetty, Pier & Jig Rods. | 1" width x 1/16" thick x 50-ft long

Black Textured Surf Grip Tape (Per Foot)

Self adhesive grip tape for Surf, Jetty, Pier & Jig Rods. | 1" width x 1/16" thick - per foot

1/16" Butt Cord

100 Feet | 8.5lbs work load | Floats | UV Inhibited | Rot & Mildew Resistant | Made in the USA

Rod Builder's Cork Filler

Great filler for all kinds of cork grips. Easily repair and recondition. | 3.25 fl oz.

Seeker #30 Butt Cord

#30 cord for decorative/functional handles, & Turk's Head knots. | 270ft. Spool | .031" Diameter | 6 Colors

Cork Tape (100 Foot Roll)

1" Wide, 1/16" Thick Adhesive Backed

Cork Tape (50 Foot Roll)

1" Wide, 1/8" Thick, Adhesive Backed

Guide To Rod Maintenance and Repair DVD

DVD instructs step-by-step how to maintain or make repairs to damaged fishing rods.

DVD - The Complete Rod Repair Video

Fishing Rod Repair Instructional DVD Video - Diy repair tips to get you back on the water.

CRB Smooth Heat Shrink Grip Tubing

Sold by the Foot | 6 Color Options | 2:1 Shrink Ratio | 18-40mm ID
$2.09 to $3.99