Custom Rod Marbling Supplies

Mud Hole is your marbling supply headquarters! Custom Rod Marbling is one of the hottest new techniques rod builders are using to create stunning works of functional art. The basic premise is to mix an ultra-concentrated marbling pigment with an epoxy finish, then swirl & drag the mixture in varying patterns on butt wraps and guide wraps.

17 Products

17 Products

CRB Pearl Metallic Powder Marbling Pigment

3 gram jar | Non-toxic | Pearlescent, two-tone and metallic colors

CRB Marbling Pigment (1oz)

Use with Rod Finish for tinting, marbling, and more. Mix & Match for unlimited options. | 9 Pigment Colors

Magic Marble Mad Swirl Marbling Pigments

30 colors | 1oz. bottle
$10.99 to $11.99

Mixing Cups & Sticks (10 pack)

Includes (10) 1 oz. mixing cups and (10) mixing sticks

CRB Mixing Sticks (100 Pack)

100 Pack of disposable mixing sticks

Starter Marbling Kit

Everything to start Marbling | 2oz. ProKote epoxy finish | 5 sparkling pigments colors included
$32.09 $35.65

Professional Marbling Kit

Everything you need to Marble like a pro | 8oz. ProKote epoxy finish | 12 sparkling pigments included
$85.50 $95.00

Thread Probe Set

Thread Probe Set, 4pc

Glitter (1 oz.)

Mix with epoxy to give a metallic look to wraps or entire blanks.

Spatula Set

4-piece spatula set, great for applying finish or mixing epoxy. Just wipe clean and reuse.

CRB Marbling Pigment Kit (5 Colors)

5 highly concentrated pigments: black, blue, red, white and yellow
$27.80 $34.75

Marble Skinz Decorative Wraps

3.25" x 6", cut-to-fit.

CRB Marbling Pigment Kit 2 (9 Colors)

9 highly concentrated pigments: black, blue, green, light blue, orange, red, violet, white and yellow
$49.95 $62.55

5-Inch Mixing Spatula Sticks (12 Pack)

5" spatula-style disposable mixing sticks, ideal for carefully folding paste epoxies during mixing. 12 per package.

Glitter Kit - 8 Colors

8 colors: Black, Blue, Chartreuse, Emerald Green, Fire Opal, Gold, Red and Silver
$47.80 $53.12

Disposable Foil Epoxy Mixing Dishes, 25 Pack

3" or 4" diameter | 25 pieces | Perfect for mixing epoxy
$5.95 to $7.95

CRB Marbling Tray [5 pcs.]

Perfect for applying your artistic touch | Includes 5 trays
$4.95 $9.75