Rod Building DVDs For Beginners & Advanced

Mud Hole is your source for the latest and greatest DVDs on how to build your own custom fishing rod! Here you will find all of the most popular titles from legendary rod builders and authors, such as Ryan Seiders (of Flex Coat), Ken Preston, Andy Dear and More! There is something for every skill level!

10 Products

10 Products

Perfect Crosswraps by Rooster Custom Rods

Learn exclusive crosswrap tips and tricks from decorative threadwork master, Rooster Custom Rods

DVD - Decorative Rod Wrapping Vol. 1

Learn to make beautiful butt wraps on your custom rod with this video from Artie Hebert

Turkshead Knots & Cord Handles by Rooster Custom Rods

Instructional DVD for Turkshead Knots, custom cord handles, and more by Rooster Custom Rods

Mud Hole's Rod Building 101 DVD

Instructional rod building DVD with tips, tricks, and demos for each step of the rod building process.

Guide To Rod Maintenance and Repair DVD

DVD instructs step-by-step how to maintain or make repairs to damaged fishing rods.

DVD - The Complete Rod Repair Video

Fishing Rod Repair Instructional DVD Video - Diy repair tips to get you back on the water.

DVD - Custom Rod Building with Doc Ski

Find out how to build your own custom rods, from start to finish, with this DVD from Doc Ski

DVD - Decorative Rod Wrapping Vol. 2

Learn how to weave intricate patterns onto your custom rod with this video by Artie Hebert

DVD - Flex Coat Rod Building "How We Do It"

Flex Coat "How We Do It" Instructional DVD on Basic Rod Building Instructions

DVD - Advanced Rod Building Techniques

DVD with some of the most advanced rod building video available today