Weaving Supplies For Rod Builders

Weaving is the process of using various types of thread to create intricate decorative patterns on a custom fishing rod. Many rod builders think it is far too complicated, but it is actually kind of easy to learn. While it does add time to the rod building process, the end result is well worth the effort! Let's get started!

11 Products

11 Products

Prizm Thread (150 yds)

Prizm Thread 150 yards

CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool

Layout and perfectly align decorative cross-wraps | Now includes metric ruler

Easy Weave Loom

Takes the hassle out of custom thread art weaving. Great for initials, monograms, names, fish, & more.

Visual Wrap Software - Digital Download Voucher Card

A Unique Crosswrap Design Software Suite | Download voucher card ideal for PCs with no DVD-ROM. Works only with Windows PC system. 

VisualWRAP Pattern Packs Voucher Card

Extend your VisualWRAP install with over 600 pre-programmed patterns

Visual Weave Software - Digital Download Voucher Card

Create a weaving pattern for any image file on your home computer (Windows PC only)

Renzetti Wonder Weaver II

New! This version of the Wonder Weaver is designed to be used where it is not convenient to use the left side tube of the regular three wheel model.

DVD - Decorative Rod Wrapping Vol. 2

Learn how to weave intricate patterns onto your custom rod with this video by Artie Hebert

Metric Ruler Sticker for CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool

Sticker for Butt Wrap Alignment Tool with metric unit measurements. | 30cm length with mm gradations