Custom Rod Builder (CRB) Equipment

The Custom Rod Builder (CRB) brand is all about providing custom rod builders with the professional grade equipment they need, at prices even new rod builders could appreciate. CRB provides a full line of rod building equipment including hand wrappers, the RBS rod building system, spine finders, mixers, and specialty tools to make measuring, cutting and finishing rods easy!

31 Products

31 Products

Complete Chuck Assembly for RDS Rod Dryer, Fits 1/4" Shaft

Looking for replacement parts for your dryer? Would you like to venture into creating your own drying unit? CRB offers all of the parts that go into their RDS units individually.

Stand for RDS Rod Dryers

Expand your rod dryer with an additional rod drying stand!

CRB Ultimate Tool Combo Pack

Includes 5 tools | 110v or 220v
$170.78 $189.75

CRB Pro Tool Combo Pack

Includes 3 tools | 110v or 220v
$104.35 $109.85

CRB Work Bench Mini Heater

Warm your workspace, or pair with a CRB-Tent for an optimal Epoxy Finishing environment.

Stand for 3 Rod Dryer

3 Rod Dryer (Stand Only)

Replacement Mixing Rod for EM1 Epoxy Mixer

Replacement stainless steel mixing rod for CRB Epoxy Mixing System EM1.