Color Preservers For Guide Wrapping Thread

Color preservers are used on your guide wrapping thread (before the epoxy finish is applied) to preserve the original thread color. These non-yellowing color preservers provide great thread penetration and color retention, are easy to use, and come in non-toxic formulas that clean up quickly with water. Keep your wraps vibrant with color preservers!

4 Products

4 Products

PROSEAL Premium Color Preserver

Seals Nylon or Untreated thread to maintain color and opacity | Dries clear | Sold in 1 oz, 4 oz and 1 gallon bottles
$3.49 to $109.95

Flexcoat Color Preserver

Strong, non-yellowing formula. Great penetration and color retention. | 1, 4, or 64 oz.
$3.39 to $68.96

ChromaSeal Color Preserver & Thread Sealant

Formula for high performance coating and outstanding color retention on rod winding threads.
$3.95 to $115.45

Seymo Pro Rod Sealer

1 oz | Water-based thread color preserver