Epoxy & Finishes For Rod Building Projects

Our selection of rod building epoxy & finishes cover all applications. We carry epoxies to install arbors, handles and reel seats, or choose a quick cure version for last minute repairs. For finishes that protect and showcase your thread work, choose from a wide variety of fast and tradition curing times, and select the viscosity that is right for your rod building project.

45 Products

45 Products

ProPaste Paste Epoxy

Bond cork and synthetic handles, metal and graphite reel seats, ferrules, butt caps, hosels and cork rings.
$8.95 to $25.95

ProKöte Rod Building Thread Finish

Leading two-part epoxy for crystal clear rod finish. Known for easy leveling, thread saturation, & more
$2.99 to $133.25

ProPaste Fast-Set Paste Epoxy

The Superior properties of ProPaste with a faster curing time. Great for strong bonds and quick repairs.
$8.95 to $29.95

Flex Coat Rod Wrapping Finish

Lite Build | High Build | Ultra V
$14.26 to $133.90

Self-Sealing Bottle Cap Syringe Insert - Sold Individually

Self-Sealing Bottle Cap Syringe Insert - Sold Individually

CRB Advance Polymer Tip & Ferrule Cement

New and Improved Formula | Perfect for installing Tip Tops on all styles of fishing rods

ProGlu Premium Rod Building Epoxy Glue

40 Minute Formula | Available in 4oz, 8oz & 32oz kits or 6g single-use packets
$2.99 to $50.95

Optimum Flow Epoxy - Slow Cure

2-component epoxy liquid made for adhering fishing rod parts. | Potlife: 30-40 minute | Cures: 6-8 hours
$15.70 to $53.00

Optimum Flow Epoxy - 15min

2-component epoxy liquid with gap-filling qualities for extremely strong bonds. | 4 oz., 8 oz., or 32 oz.
$20.00 to $81.45

Optimum Flow Epoxy - 5min

Optimum Flow Epoxy - 5 minute is a 2-component Epoxy liquid specifically designed with gap-filling qualities in mind for the rod builder who requires an extremely strong bond.
$20.00 to $81.45

ThreadMaster ONE One-Part Rod Finish

Non-Yellowing UV Inhibitors | Tougher than Standard Epoxy | More Flexible | Water Cleanup
$8.50 to $88.45

RodDancer Rod Varnish

RodDancer Rod Varnish is a  high-gloss, self-leveling finish that is extremely flexible and resistant to scuffs, shocks and cracking. Cleans up with water - no harmful petroleum solvents.
$4.75 to $12.50

U-40 Rod Bond

Tough, flexible two-part epoxy. Slippery and acts as a lubricant for installing synthetic grips.
$12.36 to $44.95

Pro Products Premium Workshop Supply Kit

Includes 4oz. each ProPaste and ProKote | Bulk-packaged supplies and More
$84.99 $132.93

Pro Products Basic Workshop Supply Kit

Includes 2oz. each ProPaste and ProKote | 10-packs of various supplies and more
$34.99 $45.17

Pro Products 4-Rod Supply Kit

Pro Products Supply Kits give you everything you need to start gluing handles and applying epoxy to guide wraps!
$20.99 $28.19

Finishing Kit with Epoxy Mixer

This finishing kit includes an electric epoxy mixer, 4 oz. of ProKote, and all the brushes, mixing sticks and supplies you will need to finish many future rod builds. Great opportunity to stock up and save!
$77.09 $85.65

Pro Products Single Rod Epoxy Finish & Glue Kit

Enough supplies for one rod up to 7' | Includes ProGlue and ProKote
$9.99 $11.87

U40 Perma Gloss

Precatalyzed, one-part urethane finish. Tough, durable, and non-yellowing.
$7.22 to $15.40