Brushes For Applying Epoxy & Finishes

Choosing a finishing brush may not be brain surgery, but there are a few considerations to think about. For example, if you are applying finish to a micro guide wrap or decal, then a small disposable brush will work great. However, if you are applying finish to a roller guide wrap or over a deep weaving pattern, you may want to consider a larger brush to cover more area quickly.

8 Products

8 Products

Disposable Nylon Finishing Brushes

1/8" or 1/4" | Available in bulk packages
$0.50 to $26.95

3/8" Acid Finishing Brush

3/8" Disposable Brush | Nylon Bristle

FBCH Red Sable Finish Brush

The finest pure red sable makes this brush the absolute best on the market. The firm, densely arranged sable provides superior control.
$2.96 to $5.25

Ox Hair Finish Brushes

From the broad strokes used to apply base coats to the precision required for perfecting the finishing touches, ox hair brushes offer rod builders great versatility in brush stroke.
$2.25 to $2.95

U40 Brush Cleaner Solvent (4 oz.)

Effective on all polymers, urethanes, or epoxies before they are cured. 4 oz.

FBCB Chinese Bristle Finish Brush (1/2")

Economical Finishing Brushes
Great for Larger Rods

Flexcoat Brush Cleaner (4 oz.)

Keep your brushes clean. 4 oz.

Sable Finish Brush Assortment

4-pack of fine sable brushes for applying finish to your guide wraps. Includes one each 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 9/16".
$13.95 $18.20