Supplies For Building A Fishing Rod

There is nothing like building your own custom fishing rod, and you want to make sure you use the right supplies so your rod building work can be enjoyed for years to come. That is why Mud Hole carries the largest selection of the brand name supplies you will need including epoxy & finishes, equipment, tools, and accessories. Browse around and shop the largest selection available online!

457 Products

457 Products

RBS Rolling Triple Tape Dispenser

CRB 3 roll tape dispenser for the RBS Aluminum Track

RBS Rolling Tool Tray

Keep track of your tools, parts & pieces with the RBS Tool Tray add on.

RBS Rolling Finish Tray

The Finishing Tray travels with you while putting the final touch on your latest build.

Bearing Assembly for RBS Aluminum Track, 3 ea.

The RBS Roller set converts your HWS-1 into a rolling thread carriage when using the RBS Aluminum Base Station. Each kit contains (3) Ball Bearing Rollers, (6) Concave Bearing Washers & (3) Screws.

Sliding T Bolt for RBS Aluminum Base Station

Connect additional support stands as well as your favorite CRB tools directly to your RBS-ABS platform.

Metal Slat Connector and Hardware for RBS Aluminum Base Station

Use the RBS-SLAT to connect the RBS Aluminum Base Stations together. Each package contains (2) Stainless Steel Connecting Slats, (8) Bolts, (8) Lock Washers & (8) Nuts.

Fuji Ultra Poly Metallic Rod Building Thread 100M Spool

Size A or D | 100M Spool | 14 Colors

Rattlesnake Skins

Natural Rattlesnake skins. Create a unique inlay with Rattlesnake skins as your raw material. Sold by the inch.

Step-By-Step Instruction Cards for HWS Hand Wrapper

The perfect go-to aid for step-by-step thread wrapping instructions. Fits in HWS-1 Hand Wrapper.
$1.99 to $9.95

Carbon Fiber Rod Skinz

3.25" x 6" | Cut-to-Fit | Discount for orders of 2 or more

First Responder Rod Decals

Contour-cut | Sized to fit most fishing rods

American Heritage Rod Decals

American Heritage decals feature a variety of US flags, Confederate flags, made in the USA and more.

Colored Heat Shrink Grip Material

40" Section Length | 5 Colors | 2:1 Shrink Ratio
$8.79 to $15.39

18RPM Drying Motor for RDS Rod Dryer DM-18

Replacement motor for 18 RPM dryer. Replace and repair motor, or assemble your own diy rod dryer!

Magic Marble Swirling Paints

Marble just about anything using plain tap water | 30 colors | Non-toxic formula | 1oz. bottle
$10.99 to $11.99

CRB Tip Top & Guide Sizing Gauge

Easily size tip-tops, running guides or a rod blank tip. Handy conversion chart imprinted on rear.

3/8" Acid Finishing Brush

3/8" Disposable Brush | Nylon Bristle

Black Textured Surf Grip Tape (50-ft Roll)

Self adhesive grip tape for Surf, Jetty, Pier & Jig Rods. | 1" width x 1/16" thick x 50-ft long

Pac Bay Metallic Thread 100YD Spool

Size A or D | 100 Yds | 12 Colors

FBCH Red Sable Finish Brush

Finest, pure red sable provides best brush available. Firm, densely arranged sable for superior control.
$3.95 to $5.25

Black Textured Surf Grip Tape (Per Foot)

Self adhesive grip tape for Surf, Jetty, Pier & Jig Rods. | 1" width x 1/16" thick - per foot
$0.85 $30.95

Rod Building 101: The Complete Guide How To Build a Custom Fishing Rod

Learn rod building from start to finish | Over 70 pages of instruction | HD full-color photos for easy learning
$14.95 $16.95

Monochrome Fly Pattern Rod Decals

Newly Redesigned | Sized for 0-12 wt. Fly Rods | 7 Color Options | Peel & Stick

Monochrome Gamefish Rod Decals

Newly Redesigned | 7 Color Options | Peel & Stick