CRB Tools For Rod Building

Professional grade tools for measuring, cutting and finishing!

CRB provides custom rod builders with the professional grade tools they need, at prices everyone will appreciate. From epoxy mixing systems and tape dispensers, to guide and butt wrap alignment tools, there is truly something for everyone.

56 Products

56 Products

CRB 3 Roll Tape Dispenser

CRB 3 Roll Tape Dispenser makes easy work of securing guides and making reel seat arbors. It can hold up to three different rolls of different width tape at one time.

CRB Epoxy Mixing System EM1

18RPM mixing motor | 6-foot power cord, plug and switch | Non-slip foot pads

CRB Guide Alignment & Reel Seat Spacer Tool

Quickly and Easily Align Guides and Split Reel Seats

CRB Blank Extension Tool

Make working on multi-piece rods & ferrule wraps much easier with the CRB Blank Extension Tool!

Extreme Reamer

14" Length | Use as a hand reamer or power reamer | Ream cork, EVA, composite materials, & more

Extreme Reamer - Set of 4

Bundle all 4 sizes and save | Hand ream or power ream | Ream cork, EVA, composite materials, & more
$69.95 $79.80

CRB Tape Reamer

16" Length | 7 sizes | For hand-reaming only

CRB Tape Reamer Set

All 7 Sizes in One Kit | 0.200" up to to 0.510" | Ream cork, EVA foam, Winndry® Polymer grips and more
$66.95 $83.65

18" Grit Reamer Tool

18" rod blank stock with abrasive grit, perfect for reaming cork grips. Slightly tapered.

4-Piece Grit Reamer Tool Kit

Set includes (1) each size x-small, small, medium & large
$27.95 $31.80

CRB Laser Alignment System CRB-LZR

Perfectly align guides prior to wrapping | Mounts directly to reel seat

Thread Tool Combo Package

Contains one burnishing tool, one pair of clippers and one thread pick.
$5.95 $8.85

CRB Micro Guide Bands

260 per package | Bright red color ensures visibility

33" Extruded Aluminum Base Station for RBS Wrapping System

The foundation for the RBS system provides roller tacks and a center track for mounting support stands or other CRB tools.

RBS Rolling Triple Tape Dispenser

CRB 3 roll tape dispenser for the RBS Aluminum Track

RBS Rolling Tool Tray

Keep track of your tools, parts & pieces with the RBS Tool Tray add on.

RBS Rolling Finish Tray

The Finishing Tray travels with you while putting the final touch on your latest build.

Bearing Assembly for RBS Aluminum Track, 3 ea.

The RBS Roller set converts your HWS-1 into a rolling thread carriage when using the RBS Aluminum Base Station. Each kit contains (3) Ball Bearing Rollers, (6) Concave Bearing Washers & (3) Screws.

Sliding T Bolt for RBS Aluminum Base Station

Connect additional support stands as well as your favorite CRB tools directly to your RBS-ABS platform.

Metal Slat Connector and Hardware for RBS Aluminum Base Station

Use the RBS-SLAT to connect the RBS Aluminum Base Stations together. Each package contains (2) Stainless Steel Connecting Slats, (8) Bolts, (8) Lock Washers & (8) Nuts.

CRB Tip Top & Guide Sizing Gauge

Easily size tip-tops, running guides or a rod blank tip. Handy conversion chart imprinted on rear.

Single Edge Razor Blades - Box of 10

Box of 10 | High carbon surgical steel | Perfect for cutting Nylon & Metallic threads
$1.19 $1.49

Single Edge Razor Blades - Box of 100

Box of 100 straight-edge razor blades.
$9.45 $10.50

CRB Spine Finder & Deflection System CRB-SF

Quickly and accurately locate the exact spine of any blank!

CRB Thread Inlay Bobbin

Essential when creating decorative inlays!

CRB Perfect Finish Thermometer

Maintain the Ideal Finish Temperature! No more Tacky Finish!

Stand for RDS Rod Dryers

Expand your rod dryer with an additional rod drying stand!

CRB Deflection Chart

8' Wall Mounted Deflection Chart by CRB.  Pairs perfectly with CRB-DFT Deflection Tool. 

CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool

Layout and perfectly align decorative cross-wraps | Now includes metric ruler

CRB Ultimate Tool Combo Pack

Includes 5 tools | 110v or 220v
$170.78 $189.75

CRB Pro Tool Combo Pack

Includes 3 tools | 110v or 220v
$104.35 $109.85

CRB Cork Ring Holder

Simple and Effective tool for reaming custom cork rings. 

Guide Grinder Holder

Tool firmly holds guides from size 6 to 25 & fly guides down to 1/0 for shaping the feet with grinder/file.

Cork Jig Saw with 12 Blades

Outstanding for precision cork-jig cutting
$26.95 $29.93

4-Piece Cork Jig Set MHCJ-SET

Includes all four (4) of our cork ring cutting jigs
$149.95 $175.80

CRB LED Magnifier

The LED Magnifier is perfect for all forms of wraps and other detail work. Mounts directly to the HWS wrapper.

Cork Ring Slicing Jig & 12-Piece Checkerboard Jig Kit

Kit for diy custom cork checkerboard fishing grips. Includes: Slicing Jig & 12-piece checkerboard jig
$69.95 $87.90

Metric Ruler Sticker for CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool

Sticker for Butt Wrap Alignment Tool with metric unit measurements. | 30cm length with mm gradations

CRB Deluxe Handle Clamp Spare Disc

Spare disc for CRB Deluxe Handle Clamp

CRB Disposable Plastic Epoxy Mixing Dishes PMD-1

XL Diameter 4 3/4" | 25 pieces | Perfect for mixing epoxy

CRB Professional Spring Scissors

Straight or Curved tip | Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

CRB Rod Building Ruler

12" (30cm) Stainless Steel | Etched markings in gradations as fine as 1/16"

CRB 7-Piece Tweezer Set

7 professional stainless steel rod building tools | Premium oak storage case

CRB 5-Piece Professional Thread Tool Kit

5 professional stainless steel rod building tools | Premium oak storage case

Spare Tension Rod for CRB Hand Wrapper HWS-TR2

Keeps thread tension. Cushions spool pressure. Reverse your wraps without ever losing tension on thread.

CRB Deluxe Handle Clamp

Holds handle assembly firmly in place while epoxy dries. 4 locking discs fit most rod blank diameters.

CRB Cork Ring Holder & Base Combo Kit

Great value! This cork ring and base greatly increases your reaming efficiency, accuracy and speed!
$12.95 $14.90

CRB Deflection Tool & Chart Combo Kit

Bundle and Save $! The DFT-KIT pairs the CRB Deflection tool with the Wall mounted deflection chart.
$69.95 $79.90