Rod Wrapping & Finishing Tools

The right finishing tools help make stunning finished products. For example, using an alcohol burner instead of a lighter will result in a clearer finish, probe and spatula sets create a wider array of marbling patterns than a toothpick, and syringes make sure you have exact parts of epoxy to mix. So look around and see what finishing tools may be right for you.

50 Products

50 Products

CRB Syringes with Sealing Caps Kit

Bottle sealing caps complete with 3cc or 10cc size syringe in one convenient kit. A MUST have! The 20mm caps fit 1oz bottles, the 24mm caps fit 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz bottles.
$5.54 to $6.17

Flex Coat Bone Burnishing Thread Tool

5" in length | Ergonomically shaped | Polished cow bone