Inlay Jigs To Create Fishing Rod Handles

One of the most noticeable parts of a fishing rod is the handle, and is one of the most requested areas for customization rod builders hear from their customers. With these inlay jigs and tools, it is easy to cut cork and bark to create amazing rod handles (i.e. checkerboard patterns) that will set your rod building skills apart from the rest - and last for years to come.

18 Products

18 Products

CRB Steel Turning Mandrels

18" length | 4 common ODs | 60 degree taper in each end for live center | Includes adjustable collars
$12.99 to $15.95

Sawblades for Cork Jig Saw

These blades are outstanding for precision cork-jig cutting. Their superfine cutting teeth reduce the amount of wasted material and provide a crisp edge for your custom cork inlays. 12 per package.

Rod Builder's Sand Paper

Make a custom grip today!

Cork Jig Saw Frame

Saw frame only

CRB Cork Ring Holder

Simple and Effective tool for reaming custom cork rings. 

Carpenter's Wood Glue (8oz)

Cleans up easily with warm water before curing. Great for gluing up cork rings. Grabs fast but can be repositioned. Easy water cleanup, safe and non-toxic. 8 oz.

8" Cork Ring Ties

8" cork ring ties, use them to secure cork wedges together while the glue cures. 25 Pack.

Cork Jig Saw with 12 Blades

Outstanding for precision cork-jig cutting
$26.95 $29.93

Turk's Head Knot Jig

Create professional Turk's Head knots for your deckhand rods with this high-quality machined aluminum jig.

Cork Inlay Creation Kit with 2 Jigs

This kit includes all the tools and supplies you'll need to start creating your own custom cork inlays.
$124.95 $139.57

Ultimate Cork Inlay Creation Kit with 4 Jigs

This kit includes all four (4) of our cork ring cutting jigs plus all the tools, supplies and cork rings you'll need to start creating your own custom cork inlays!
$199.95 $240.59

4-Piece Cork Jig Set MHCJ-SET

Includes all four (4) of our cork ring cutting jigs
$149.95 $175.80

Flexcoat RL100 Cork Lathe

This lathe is fantastic for shaping cork and foam grips.

CRB Cork Ring Holder & Base Combo Kit

Great value! This cork ring and base greatly increases your reaming efficiency, accuracy and speed!
$12.95 $14.90

CRB Cork Ring Holder Base

This base converts a normal drill press into a cork ring reaming machine!


CRB Mandrel Collars

CRB Mandrel Collars: available in 4 sizes 1/4, 3/8, 5/16 & 7/16 Diameters - Sold Individually
$1.89 to $2.19