Magnifiers Can Make Rod Building Easier

Do you like hunching over your wrapper trying to make sure your black thread on black rod blank is not overlaying? Right - it stinks. Magnifiers allow you to see the intricate work you are doing, and also reduces shoulder and neck fatigue because you will not be hunched over squinting all the time. Try a magnifier once - and you'll never go back!

6 Products

6 Products

MagniFly™ Flexible Lighted Magnifier with C-Clamp OD-65

Lighted, fully-adjustable, flexible arm Hands Free Magnifier that attaches to your table-top, Rod Lathe or can be clamped to most fly-tying vises for convenient Hands Free use.

CRB LED Magnifier

The LED Magnifier is perfect for all forms of wraps and other detail work. Mounts directly to the HWS wrapper.