Measuring Tools Needed For Rod Building

Measuring tools are must have items for any rod builder. For example, if you are building a split grip, you need measurements to properly fit winding checks and handle components. Do your guides always come out a little off center? How about a laser alignment system! Also, a good sizing gauge (caliper or card) is always good to keep at your build station.

26 Products

26 Products

CRB Color Coded Syringe Set

3cc or 10cc sizes | Reusable | The Perfect Tool for a 50/50 Mix
$2.25 to $2.49

CRB Guide Alignment & Reel Seat Spacer Tool

Quickly and Easily Align Guides and Split Reel Seats

Self-Sealing Bottle Cap Syringe Insert - Sold Individually

Self-Sealing Bottle Cap Syringe Insert - Sold Individually

CRB Laser Alignment System CRB-LZR

Perfectly align guides prior to wrapping | Mounts directly to reel seat

1 oz. Mixing Cups (100 pk.)

1 oz. mixing cups for mixing multi-part finish & epoxy. Sold by the 100.

CRB Tip Top & Guide Sizing Gauge

Easily size almost any tip-top, running guide or rod blank with ease | Handy conversion chart imprinted on rear

CRB Perfect Finish Thermometer

Maintain the Ideal Finish Temperature! No more Tacky Finish!

Yorker Caps

Convenient yorker caps that fit Flex Coat bottles

Fuji Tip-Top/Ferrule Gauge

An invaluable tool that no rod builder should be without. Makes sizing tip tops quick and easy.

Digital Calipers

When precision is a must, you can trust this digital tool to give you the most accurate measurement possible.


$4.95 $9.95

CRB Deflection Chart

8' Wall Mounted Deflection Chart by CRB.  Pairs perfectly with CRB-DFT Deflection Tool. 

Rod Builder's Adhesive-Backed Measuring Tape & Conversion Chart

96" in 1/16" grads | Laminated 3M vinyl for heavy-duty shop use | Fits on power wrapper base

Rod Builder's Repair Syringe

Package of 5 Rodbuilder's Syringes
Available in 5cc or 10cc
$5.95 to $6.95

Needle Tips - 15 Gauge 1" (10 pkg)

10 Pack of 15-Gauge Needle Tips
For use with Rodbuilder's Syringes

Cen-Tech Composite Digital Caliper

This new digital caliper features a lightweight, extra strong, shock proof design. When precision is a must, a digital caliper will guarantee that all your measurements are correct.

Guide Locating Chart for Concept & Micro Guides

This guide has been designed to aid you in proper placement of Micro and Concept® guides. It utilizes angle to the tangent of the blank curve to achieve this.

Graduated Pipets

These pipets are the best tool for minute measurements of solvents while rod building.

1/2cc Pumps for 2oz., 4oz. and 16oz. Bottles

An accurate way to measure equal portions of finish or glue.

CRB Rod Building Ruler

12" (30cm) Stainless Steel | Etched markings in gradations as fine as 1/16"

Stainless Steel Mixing Cups - SSMX

Premium stainless steel construction | Environmentally friendly | Available in 1.5, 2.5 & 4 oz.
$1.49 to $2.79

CRB Syringes with Sealing Caps Kit

Bottle sealing caps complete with 3cc or 10cc size syringe in one convenient kit. A MUST have! The 20mm caps fit 1oz bottles, the 24mm caps fit 2oz, 4oz, and 8oz bottles.
$5.54 to $6.17