Reamers & Abrasives For Rod Builders

Depending on the rod building project, different fishing rod handles will most likely require different size reamers, often requiring different types of material top get the job done. From reamers built to rip out a bunch of cork, to finishing (sand) paper for more delicate work, we have everything you will need.

15 Products

15 Products

Extreme Reamer

14" Length | Use as a hand reamer or power reamer | Ream cork, EVA, composite materials, & more

Extreme Reamer - Set of 4

Bundle all 4 sizes and save | Hand ream or power ream | Ream cork, EVA, composite materials, & more
$69.95 $83.80

CRB Tape Reamer

16" Length | 7 sizes | For hand-reaming only

CRB Tape Reamer Set

All 7 Sizes in One Kit | 0.200" up to to 0.510" | Ream cork, EVA foam, Winndry® Polymer grips and more
$66.95 $83.65

18" Grit Reamer Tool

18" rod blank stock with abrasive grit, perfect for reaming cork grips. Slightly tapered.

4-Piece Grit Reamer Tool Kit

Set includes (1) each size x-small, small, medium & large
$28.60 $31.80

Rod Builder's Sand Paper

Perfect for shaping and finishing cork or EVA handles

Flexcoat Pilot Drill Bit

Pair with a hand drill to increase diameter of pre-existing hole & keep it perfectly centered.

Reamer Abrasive (25ft. Roll)

Industrial abrasive. Use to make durable power reamers or hand reamers | 36-grit or 50-grit | 25 ft. roll

Flex Coat Concept Reverse Pilot Bit

Bore out the inside diameter of cork grips 12-13 inches in length. Maintain a centered hole.

Rod Builders Sanding Screen

Silicon Carbide sanding screen for shaping cork & eva handles. 10 meters x 38mm. Approximate size is 33' long x 1.5" wide.

3M Scuff Pad

Dulls finish on blanks, or scuffs finish between coats on wraps.

Two-Part Finish Cloth

Just touch (don’t wipe) wrap with this cloth before applying finish. Removes dust particles for a glass-like finish. Recommended for use with 2 part epoxy finishes.

5-Piece File Set

Heavy duty, long-lasting 12" files. Individually organized in see-through pouch. Durable ABS handles.

CRB Abrasive Cutting Grit

CRB Abrasive Cutting Grit to make your own diy reamers or to repair your used grit reamers.