Metallic Braid For Custom Rod Building

Metallic braids are highly reflective, do not need a color preserver applied before the finish, and are an ideal choice for decorative butt wrap applications. You can of course use single metallic threads for butt wraps, but using a metallic braid cuts the build time down considerably, and also comes in different colors and patterns.

4 Products

4 Products

ProWrap Metallic Twist 100YD Spool

10 Colors | 100 yds.

ProWrap Metallic Braid Thread

Eliminate the time consuming task of wrapping with a single thread! This highly reflective braid thread is ideal for decorative butt wraps.
$6.60 to $32.95

ProWrap™ Metallic Twist - 10pc Kit

10 Colors | 100 Yard Spools | Size C (.080 Diameter)
$49.05 $54.50

ProWrap™ Metallic Braid - 7pc Kit

7-piece color kit featuring all solid metallic braid colors: Gold, Green, Red, Black, Blue, Purple & Silver. 10yd cards.
$34.34 $38.15