Metallic Thread For Custom Rod Building

Metallic threads are used primarily for decorative applications, and generally not strong enough to be used for wrapping rod guides. However, metallic threads are highly reflective, do not need a color preserver applied before the finish, come in a wide variety of colors, and are an ideal choice for decorative trim wraps around handles, winding checks, hook keepers, and rod guides.

19 Products

19 Products

ProWrap Metallic Rod Winding Thread - Size D (1 oz)

Size D | 400 Yds | 39 Colors

FishHawk Premium Metallic Thread

Premium Metallic threads offer a strong textured polyester filament core with a metalized foil wrap.
$5.99 to $16.99

ProWrap Metallic Twist 100YD Spool

10 Colors | 100 yds.

ProWrap ProFX Premium Metallic Thread

Size A | 100M or 500YD spool | 21 Premium Metallic Colors
$5.55 to $16.95

Fuji Ultra Poly Metallic Rod Building Thread 100M Spool

Size A or D | 100M Spool | 14 Colors

Pac Bay Metallic Thread 100YD Spool

Size A or D | 100 Yds | 12 Colors

ProWrap Metallic Versablend (100yd)

9 Colors | Size A | 100 yds.

Sulky Metallic Thread (165 yds.)

36 varieties of metallic thread. A long-standing favorite amongst rod builders in the know.

ProWrap Metallic Braid Thread

Eliminate the time consuming task of wrapping with a single thread! This highly reflective braid thread is ideal for decorative butt wraps.
$6.60 to $32.95

Prizm Thread (150 yds)

Prizm Thread 150 yards

12-Spool ProWrap Metallic Thread Assortment Kit

Size A or D | 12 x 100yds

ProWrap 18-Spool Thread Assortment with Storage Box

Nylon & Metallic or ColorFast & Metallic | Size A or D | 18 x 100yds | Reusable Storage Box
$75.50 $83.89

Sulky Holoshimmer Thread (250 yds.)

24 shimmering colors for brilliant decorative threadwork | 250 YDS Spool

Sulky Sliver Metallic Thread (250 yds.)

Metallic threads in 24 bright colors to decorate any custom build | 250 YDS Spool

ProWrap™ Metallic Twist - 10pc Kit

10 Colors | 100 Yard Spools | Size C (.080 Diameter)
$51.95 $54.50

ProWrap™ Metallic Braid - 7pc Kit

7-piece color kit featuring all solid metallic braid colors: Gold, Green, Red, Black, Blue, Purple & Silver. 10yd cards.
$43.95 $46.20