Nylon Thread For Wrapping Rod Guides

Nylon wrapping thread has a high tensile strength, and is primarily used for wrapping fishing rod guides to the rod blank. We carry nylon thread from all the top manufacturers including Pro Products (ProWrap), Pacific Bay, Madeira and Prism, and in all the sizes and color options you can think of. Browse around and choose a thread that will make you next rod build a success!

11 Products

11 Products

ProWrap Nylon Rod Winding Thread

Best Seller | Size A, B, or D | 100 Yds, 1oz. or 4oz. Spool | 84 Colors
$3.65 to $25.95

FishHawk Silk Threads

FishHawk Silk Threads are 100 percent pure filament silk from Japan. Our size 3/0 is the finest silk thread in the world.

FishHawk Nylon Thread - 100M & 1Oz.

Specifically engineered for the demands of rod building, FishHawk high tenacity nylon is available in sizes A & D and in a variety bright colors.
$3.00 to $7.75

Madeira Polyneon Thread Size A (1100 Yds)

Size A | 1,100 Yds | 70 Colors

Pac Bay Nylon Thread

Size A or C | 100 Yds | 32 Colors

40-Spool ProWrap Thread Assortment Kit

Nylon or ColorFast | Size A or D | 40 x 100yds

ProFX Metallic 8 Spool Thread Pack

ProWrap Premium Metallic 8pc. Thread Kit
$35.64 $39.60

17-Spool ProWrap Thread Assortment Box

Nylon & Metallic or ColorFast & Metallic | Size A or D | 17 x 100yds | Stackable Storage Box

Fuji Ultra Poly Rod Building Thread

Size A or D | 100M or 1oz. Spool | 25 Colors
$2.99 to $10.79

Madeira 30 Spool Assortment

30 of the most popular colors from Madeira.
$106.65 $118.50