ProProducts ProWrap Thread & Braids

Now Including FishHawk Thread!

ProProducts now offers the largest selection of wrapping thread available, and is offered in many materials, thread and spool sizes, and now in hundreds of colors.  This is truly a must see thread selection that has something for everyone!

40 Products

40 Products

FishHawk Silk Threads

FishHawk Silk Thread is 100% pure filament silk from Japan. Size 3/0 is the finest silk thread in the world.

FishHawk Nylon Thread - 100M & 1Oz.

FishHawk high tenacity nylon is manufactured for the demands of rod building. | Sizes A & D | 23 Colors
$3.00 to $7.75

ProWrap Metallic Twist 100YD Spool

10 Colors | 100 yds.

ProWrap ProFX Premium Metallic Thread

Size A | 100M or 500YD spool | 21 Premium Metallic Colors
$5.55 to $15.95

ProWrap Metallic Versablend (100yd)

9 Colors | Size A | 100 yds.

ProWrap Metallic Braid Thread

Eliminate the time consuming task of wrapping with a single thread! This highly reflective braid thread is ideal for decorative butt wraps.
$5.45 to $25.95

40-Spool ProWrap Thread Assortment Kit

Nylon or ColorFast | Size A or D | 40 x 100yds

ProFX Metallic 8 Spool Thread Pack

ProWrap Premium Metallic 8pc. Thread Kit
$35.64 $39.60

12-Spool ProWrap Metallic Thread Assortment Kit

Size A or D | 12 x 100yds

ProWrap 18-Spool Thread Assortment with Storage Box

Nylon & Metallic or ColorFast & Metallic | Size A or D | 18 x 100yds | Reusable Storage Box

ProWrap™ Metallic Twist - 10pc Kit

10 Colors | 100 Yard Spools | Size C (.080 Diameter)
$44.55 $49.50

ProWrap Thread Color Chart

Take the guesswork out of choosing the next color combination for your custom rod. This handy color portfolio consists of 139 thread swatches, including Nylon/Color Fast, Metallic, Braid and Twist.

ProWrap™ Metallic Braid - 7pc Kit

7-piece color kit featuring all solid metallic braid colors: Gold, Green, Red, Black, Blue, Purple & Silver. 10yd cards.
$31.18 $34.65

ProWrap Color Guide Poster

Great color reference for your rod building business. Includes all color options for nylon, colorfast and metallics. | 38in x 26in