Thread Accessories For Rod Building

Choosing the right thread for your application is important, but do not overlook the thread accessories that can help make your next rod building project a success. From utility knifes & burnishing tools, to thread tensioners and thread bobbins, we carry it all! There are even kits where you can buy what you need, but save a little money by buying a bundle.

22 Products

22 Products

Thread Burnishing Tool

A smooth plastic device used to smooth, flatten and tighten windings prior to coating procedures. An indispensible tool for the custom rod wrapper.
$1.95 $2.25

Thread Tool Combo Package

Contains one burnishing tool, one pair of clippers and one thread pick.
$5.95 $8.85

Rod Builder's Thread Clippers

Use these convenient thread clippers to trim threads while wrapping your rods.

CRB Micro Guide Bands

260 per package | Bright red color ensures visibility
$4.51 $6.95

Rod Builder's Thread Pick

Thread picks are useful for moving around threads and packing thread wraps tighter.

Guide Tubing

The fastest way to hold guides while determining placement for wrapping

Speedy Thread Puller

The quickest and easiest way to tie off your thread wraps! No more pinching thread loops only to have them twist up and break.

Thread Probe Set

Thread Probe Set, 4pc

CRB Thread Tension Device

Fully adjustable thread tension device by CRB

Extra Large Thread Bobbin

Jumbo sized thread bobbin | Perfect for Sulky and ProWrap 1oz. Spools

Stackable Thread Box

Crystal clear storage box, stores up to 17 spools of thread. Recommended for use with smaller spools.

CRB Thread Inlay Bobbin

Essential when creating decorative inlays!
$6.46 $9.95

Spatula Set

4-piece spatula set, great for applying finish or mixing epoxy. Just wipe clean and reuse.

CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool

Layout and perfectly align decorative cross-wraps | Now includes metric ruler

ProWrap Thread Color Chart

Take the guesswork out of choosing the next color combination for your custom rod. This handy color portfolio consists of 139 thread swatches, including Nylon/Color Fast, Metallic, Braid and Twist.

Metric Ruler Sticker for CRB Butt Wrap Alignment Tool

Add this sticker to your Butt Wrap Alignment Tool for metric unit measurements | 30cm length with gradations for millimeters

CRB 5-Piece Professional Thread Tool Kit

5 professional stainless steel rod building tools | Premium oak storage case

Flex Coat Bone Burnishing Thread Tool

5" in length | Ergonomically shaped | Polished cow bone