Roller Guides For Custom Fishing Rods

When you are going after giant game fish, roller guides are a must! With roller guides, you can fish more successfully because your line is far less likely to snap at those moments of greatest stress when fighting a fish. If you are considering roller guides, check out our selection of sizes, colors and materials from AFTCO, Alutecnos, Pacific Bay, Stuart & Winthrop.

29 Products

29 Products

Stuart Roller Guides

Roller Guides featuring one-piece marine grade aluminum construction and large super smooth deep-v rollers. Made in the USA.
$11.98 to $19.84

AFTCO Lightweight Roller Guides

Designed for 2 lb. to 30 lb. test lines.
$6.00 to $12.00

AFTCO Heavy Duty Roller Guides

Ideal for big game trolling and deep water rods rated for 20 to 80 lb. lines, and for stand-up style tuna rods up to a 130 lb. test rating.
$12.00 to $42.00

AFTCO Big Foot® Super Heavy Duty Roller Guides

Extra large and extra tough.
$19.00 to $85.28

Stuart Medium Roller Guides

Stuart's new medium roller guides have the same great characteristics as their standard Stuart roller guides. Now available for the first time in blue and purple!
$15.97 to $29.34

Stuart Large Roller Guides

Designed specifically for heavy duty offshore fishing with 80lb. to 130+ lb. line classes.
$27.94 to $43.91

AFTCO Wind On Roller Guides

Handle lines from 30-lb. to unlimited line class, and will easily handle bulky wind-on leaders up to 700-lb. test.
$19.00 to $68.83

AFTCO Regular Roller Guides

Ideal for light line bluewater trolling, and for deep water live-bait or jigging rods rated for 16 to 50 lb. lines.
$9.00 to $36.00

Neptune Spiral Roller Degree Guides

Create the ultimate Acid (spiral) wrap rod with the Neptune Spiral Roller Guides.
$18.08 to $41.67

Eliminator Heavy-Duty Roller Guides

  • Lightweight one piece frames machined from solid 6061 marine grade aluminum.
  • Ideal for use on 80+lb SW rods.
$18.41 to $39.99

Alutecnos Roller Guides (20/50 Class)


Eliminator Mid Series Roller Guides

For use on 30-80lb. saltwater rods | 4 color options | Lightweight, one piece frame machined from solid 6061 marine grade aluminum
$20.99 to $35.99

Spare Parts for AFTCO Lightweight Roller Guides & Tops

Spare parts specific to AFTCO Lightweight Roller Guides and Tops
$1.00 to $10.00

AFTCO Replacement Parts: Roller Guides & Tops

Replacement parts for the full range of AFTCO roller guides as well as roller & swivel tops.
$1.00 to $34.00

AFTCO SXHD Super Extra Heavy Duty Roller Tops

3 Color Options | For 80-lb. to Unlimited Line Class Rods
$67.00 to $75.00