The Ultimate Power Wrapping and Handle Turning Unit.

CRB RBS-PRO Power Wrapping & Handle Turning Unit

The RBS-PRO Power Wrapping Unit elevates the CRB Rod Building system to the next generation of rod building solutions, and constitutes the most advanced power wrapping head offered in the market!

Features of the RBS-PRO

  • Heavy-duty precision machined aircraft grade aluminum headstock and chuck
  • Premium sealed ball bearings for ultra-smooth operation
  • Stepped aluminum pulleys, allowing 4 different speed and torque configurations
  • 2 drive belt options included
  • Interchangeable Concave and Convex chuck teeth (convex allow teeth to tighten around a blank as small as .250")
  • Drive stand space saving design reduces the footprint on the aluminum base allowing and additional 6" of wrapping space compared to other "power wrappers"
  • Foot pedal for complete control
  • Motor: 110V, 60Hz, 120W, 1.2A 6000 RPM, Thermal Cutoff 145C
  • Foot Pedal Controller: 115/125V AC, 50/60Hz, 1.0A, Thermal Cutoff 145C

Power Wrapper Instructions

Professional Grade Features

Headstock & Chuck

Machined aircraft grade aluminum. 3-jaw self centering chuck


Four speed & torque options

Foot Pedal

Complete control & very responsive

Attaches to Base

Future proofs investment in RBS system


Quiet, ultra smooth operations

Hand Wrapper

Serves as versatile thread carriage

Optional add-on, sold separately

RBS Track

Aluminum base, secures & organizes all RBS components

Optional add-on, sold separately

RBS Trays

Keep tools & supplies organized

Optional add-on, sold separately