Finishing Essentials For Rod Builders

Whether you’re looking for finishing essentials to start, stock up, or upgrade your rod building system, Mud Hole has the largest inventory of supplies to help you do it. From epoxy and epoxy mixing systems to rod driers, complete finishing kits, and every tool in between, get all your rod building resources in one stop with Mud Hole’s finishing essentials.

25 Products

25 Products

Disposable Nylon Finishing Brushes

1/8" or 1/4" | Available in bulk packages
$0.50 to $26.95

RDS Rod Drying System

9 RPM or 18 RPM | 6-foot cord | Form fitting chuck | Support stand included

DCRDS Variable Speed Rod Dryer with Wire Chuck

DC Powered | Variable Speed up to 45rpm | 3-foot cord | Wire Chuck | Support stand included
$79.95 $92.90

RDS Rod Dryer with Wire Chuck

9 RPM or 18 RPM | 110v or 220v | Spring steel wire chuck fits rods of virtually any diameter
$49.95 $62.90

RDS Rod Dryer with Dryer Clutch

9 RPM or 18 RPM | 110v or 220v | Complete control and improved finishing

CRB Color Coded Syringe Set

3cc or 10cc sizes | Reusable | The Perfect Tool for a 50/50 Mix
$2.25 to $2.49

CRB Epoxy Mixing System EM1

18RPM mixing motor | 6-foot power cord, plug and switch | Non-slip foot pads

CRB Blank Extension Tool

Make working on multi-piece rods & ferrule wraps much easier with the CRB Blank Extension Tool!

ProKöte Rod Building Thread Finish

Leading two-part epoxy for crystal clear rod finish. Known for easy leveling, thread saturation, & more
$2.99 to $133.25

Self-Sealing Bottle Cap Syringe Insert - Sold Individually

Self-Sealing Bottle Cap Syringe Insert - Sold Individually

Pro Products Premium Workshop Supply Kit

Includes 4oz. each ProPaste and ProKote | Bulk-packaged supplies and More
$84.99 $132.93

Finishing Kit with Epoxy Mixer

This finishing kit includes an electric epoxy mixer, 4 oz. of ProKote, and all the brushes, mixing sticks and supplies you will need to finish many future rod builds. Great opportunity to stock up and save!
$77.09 $85.65

ProKöte Rod Building Thread Finish, Preloaded Syringe Kit

Starter kit with 24ml of ProK_te medium build thread finish, 4 mixing cups, 4 mixing sticks and 4 brushes.
$13.95 $16.35

RBS Hand Wrapping System with 9RPM Dryer [110V]

The RBS is the first of its' kind, a fully expandable and upgradeable unit that will grow with the needs of the user. The RBS is the first and last tool a rod builder will ever need.
$169.95 $236.05

FBCH Red Sable Finish Brush

Finest, pure red sable provides best brush available. Firm, densely arranged sable for superior control.
$3.95 to $5.25

Mixing Cups & Sticks (10 pack)

Includes (10) 1 oz. mixing cups and (10) mixing sticks

Alcohol Burner

Use for flaming finish. Removes air bubbles. Heats adhesives to add or remove tip tops. Cap/Long wick.

U40 Brush Cleaner Solvent (4 oz.)

Effective on all polymers, urethanes, or epoxies before they are cured. 4 oz.

CRB Pro Finish Kit

For the rod builder with discriminating taste. Finish like a PRO!
$99.99 $112.90

CRB Rod Drying Tent Kit with Heater

The perfect rod drying environment - No tacky finish. Includes drying tent, heater, and finish thermometer
$66.47 $73.85

CRB Disposable Plastic Epoxy Mixing Dishes PMD-1

XL Diameter 4 3/4" | 25 pieces | Perfect for mixing epoxy

Disposable Foil Epoxy Mixing Dishes, 25 Pack

3" or 4" diameter | 25 pieces | Perfect for mixing epoxy
$5.95 to $7.95

Stainless Steel Mixing Cups - SSMX

Premium stainless steel construction | Environmentally friendly | Available in 1.5, 2.5 & 4 oz.
$1.49 to $2.79