Reamers & Abrasives For Rod Builders

Depending on the rod building project, different fishing rod handles will most likely require different size reamers, often requiring different types of material top get the job done. From reamers built to rip out a bunch of cork, to finishing (sand) paper for more delicate work, we have everything you will need.

14 Products

14 Products

Extreme Reamer

The greatest commercial reamer available. These versatile solid glass reamers are designed to work as a hand reamer for the delicate work or to be chucked up in your drill for the heavier duty jobs.

18" Grit Reamer Tool

18" rod blank stock with abrasive grit, perfect for reaming cork grips. Slightly tapered.

Extreme Reamer - Set of 4

Set includes (1) each size small, medium, large & x-large
$69.95 $79.80

4-Piece Grit Reamer Tool Kit

Set includes (1) each size x-small, small, medium & large
$27.95 $31.80

Rod Builder's Sand Paper

Make a custom grip today!

CRB Abrasive Cutting Grit

CRB Abrasive Cutting Grit can be used to make your own reamers or to repair your current grit reamers.  Simply apply 2-Part epoxy  such as Pro-Glu 5 minute formula to your reamer stock and lightly pour grit over the epoxy.  Once dry you have a ready to use reamer to bore out Cork or EVA grips.  Available in Medium (24 grit) or Coarse (16 grit).  Sold in approximately 1 lbs. bags and can produce on average 10-12 reamers.  

Flex Coat Concept Reverse Pilot Bit

Designed to bore out the inside diameter of pre-shaped cork grips 12 to 13 inches in length and with a minimum inside diameter of 9/32" and maintain a centered hole.

Rod Builders Sanding Screen

Silicon Carbide sanding screen for shaping cork & eva handles. 10 meters x 38mm. Approximate size is 33' long x 1.5" wide.

3M Scuff Pad

Outlasts steel wool 20 to 1 and does not leave any offensive particles. Use to dull finish on blank prior to signing, between coats of finish on wraps.

Two-Part Finish Cloth

Just touch (don’t wipe) wrap with this cloth before applying finish. Removes dust particles for a glass-like finish. Recommended for use with 2 part epoxy finishes.

Dust-Free Tack Cloth for Varnish Finishes

Just touch (don't wipe) wrap with this cloth before applying finish. Removes dust particles for glass-like finish. Recommended for varnish type finishes only.

5-Piece File Set

  • Heavy duty, long-lasting 12" files come in an individually organized see-through pouch
  • Durable ABS handles